Five Web Design Trends for 2022

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Trends mature and evolve quickly in web design. Every year we see different themes emerge and new threads splinter off to form their own distinct styles.

In 2021 we saw designs with vintage, serif style typography and bold colours come to the fore. In 2022, we will see both a continuation and evolution of the flat, minimalist design style that has been influential for years, as well as reaction away from this style towards 3D depth and realism.

A brand’s online presence should be up to date with current web design trends to make sure it’s seen in the best possible light. A website’s look and feel leaves a strong impression on anyone who visits it. A fresh and modern design will make sure the impression is positive.

A well-designed, modern-looking site can also increase visitors’ trust in a brand and send the right message about its values and personality.

So, let’s look ahead to the trends that will have the biggest influence on web design in 2022.

1. Monochrome

Monochrome design has evolved from the popular duotone trend of the last couple of years, taking things to the extreme using different shades and variants of just one dominant colour. Its simplicity of style owes a debt of influence to flat, minimalist design.

Monochrome allows for a recurring colour theme to create a strong sense of connection throughout a site and leave a lasting brand impression.

2. Mixing photography with graphics

This emerging style creates a fresh, fun and quirky feel, combining photography with bright and colourful graphics. Photos are often combined with overlapping and simple illustrations to create a vibrant combination of realism and creative flair. This collage-like effect is a great way to add more personality to a site or liven up otherwise plain photography.

3. 3D depth

This design style represents a movement away from flat design, embracing 3D technology to create a perception of depth. Often combined with animation, this is an innovative trend being helped along by advancements in 3D technology to create something entirely new in web design. New technology has helped to make 3D design cheaper and less time-consuming.

Expect designers to take advantage of these developments to create immersive and engaging online experiences.

4. Dark mode

Apple’s introduction of “dark mode” to its devices in recent operating system updates has proved very popular among users, being easier on the eyes and on battery life. Its influence will emerge in web design in 2020 with ultra-modern looking designs that improve readability and make colours and design elements stand out strongly. Strong contrast between dark backgrounds and whites and colours can help CTAs and important elements pop.

5. Video banners

Video on the web is not new, but as bandwidth increases and internet connections become faster, there is more opportunity to integrate video into designs without having to worry about slow loading times. Videos banners will begin to be used more on homepages to create experiences for users.

Video is also a great way to capture people’s attention and communicate a brand’s story. With Google now prioritizing videos in its search results, including them on a site also increases the chance of bringing in organic search traffic.

As always, design trends and styles will continue to evolve and develop. It’s always fascinating to see how the influence of existing trends, technology and user experience converge to shape the progression of web design.

We look forward to drawing inspiration from next year’s emerging trends and are excited to see what 2020 and beyond brings!



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