E-Commerce Conversion Optimization: Aim for Convenience

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Now more than ever, people are accessing websites primarily on any device besides a desktop computer. As such, websites need to be optimized accordingly and cater to the user preferences that come with an on-demand environment like that created by mobile technology. When creating a conversion optimization strategy for your mobile e-commerce site, you have to take into account what your users want, and more specifically, what your mobile users demand.

Convenience is, by far, the most reported preference of mobile users that access e-commerce sites from a smartphone or tablet. People like easy things. Take a look at Amazon’s One-Click ordering service. For those who are in a hurry or just know what they want, a single click will have an item ordered, paid for, and shipped to their home in no time at all.

How E-Commerce Is Different

When it comes to conversion optimization, the process and strategy will be different for e-commerce than it would be for a service-based business. It all comes down to the fact that shoppers have different needs and desires than consumers searching for a business or service. Therefore, the strategies used to attract them have to be different.

While a service-based business might benefit from taking time to build a personal relationship, an online store will have to save that for later as they’re trying to provide the consumer with the product that they need quickly and easily. If they succeed at a positive transaction, they will likely see repeat business from that individual and perhaps even referrals. From there, the relationship will continue to build through a sharing of quick, hassle-free transactions that keep them coming back for more.



E-Commerce Conversion Optimization Tips

  • Be transparent: Today’s consumer doesn’t want a bunch of smoke and mirrors. They want a company that can deliver the product(s) that they need in a timely, affordable manner. If you act like you have something to hide, people will assume you might be trying to take advantage of them. You don’t want that reputation.
  • Keep it simple: Nothing is worse than hopping on your phone to complete a purchase “really quick” only to spend the next 30 minutes trying to get through the checkout process. Make sure that you keep the checkout as short as possible, and in regard to transparency, keep them posted on their progress along the way (i.e., “Step 1 of 4”).
  • Offer free shipping: Even if it isn’t actually “free,” find a way to adjust your pricing and make shipping free. Customers are far more likely to impulse buy, and more likely still to complete a thoughtful transaction, when the shipping is free of charge. Thanks to consumer giants, it’s almost standard protocol these days.
  • Use live chat services: If people want to make a purchase, they want to be confident about it. Make sure that you have a live chat agent available to answer questions and provide insight as needed to keep your visitors moving toward the end goal of completing a sale.
  • Utilize A/B testing: While you could implement new tools and designs and wait to see what happens, it’s better to test everything. Not only that, but without some proper testing, it may be nearly impossible for you to figure out what is and isn’t working on your website. Only change one thing at a time for accurate tracking, but make sure that you’re putting A/B testing to use to help you improve your eCommerce website design.

If You Simplify It, They Will Come

Sometimes, all it takes to optimize your eCommerce website is to simplify the shopping and checkout process for people. They are looking for convenience, after all, and part of that is not spending hours trying to complete the purchase. If the process takes too long, many users will navigate away and find somewhere else to shop. Keep these tips in mind and remember to focus on resources for eCommerce specifically when it comes to marketing and building your eCommerce store.


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