Expert Reviews

Through an in-depth, detailed analysis of your website, we can give you an expert review report outlining your website performance in language you can understand.

Expert reviewsWe can analyse the current status of the performance of your website as measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as how well optimised the website is, how it is currently ranking on search engines and your current levels of enquiries and business generated from your site. It also involves identifying where the issues with your website are and what needs to be done to improve it.

We’ll utilises a number of resources to analyse and assess the performance of your website:

  • Our experience and knowledge supported by ongoing research
  • Your own experience of your website’s performance
  • Your website statistics
  • Website tracking software
  • Keyword analysis software and resources

Search Engine AnalyticsWe’re able to report on the following key information related to your website:

  • size and speed of download of your web pages
  • number visitors, unique visitors, page views
  • number repeat visits
  • visitor demographics
  • frequent and motivated visitors
  • link popularity
  • page rank
  • popular pages
  • entry and exit pages
  • referrers
  • keyphrases used to find your website
  • keyphrases per search engine and referrer
  • popular and unpopular pages
  • navigation pathways: first and subsequent visits
  • time spent on website